Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Blue Sugar is upping its game

Well, it’s been a while since we chatted, but to our credit we’ve been somewhat busy. And now, we have gone and made ourselves even busier. You see, we’ve gone and done two things: we’ve added more products, and we’ve immersed ourselves in the social world.

First things first: the social stuff. I spoke to a guy who is somewhat of a social networking expert (that means he spends an awful amount of time on Facebook, I suppose), and he does a bunch of things to help companies with their online profile, particularly (of course) within the social networking sphere. This guy told me that 87% (that’s eighty-seven percent!!) of company views online are NOT via the company’s website, but rather their social presence – what that means is that 87% of regular people (you and me) apparently check a company’s Facebook page, Twitter feeds, Google placements, Instagram pictures and so on and so forth…BEFORE they even look at said company’s website! I do know, as well, that 70% of your SEO (look it up) is not based on your website, but rather on what other people are saying about your website, how many times your site is mentioned ‘out there’. So we figure that if you can’t beat ‘em, you may as well join ‘em.

So we’re going social. We’re doing the Facebook thing, the Twitter thing, the Instagram thing, the bunch-of-other-things, starting now and running pretty much every week. What you’ll be seeing was my Point # 1 above: what we’re doing, the products we’ve added, the work we’re doing, and we hope you’ll be coming along with us.

This year is also a bit of a milestone, as we turn 9. That’s right, 10 next year May, and we may as well start the party early on. To that, we’re giving to YOU, something each month. And this month we’re starting with this:

1 x A3 and 1 x A4 canvas, printed, stretched and ready to hang. That’s like five hundred bucks of lekker. And it can be yours, because we’ll be drawing your name at the end of March. 

All YOU have to do is simple: Like us on Facebook (or Share if you’ve already Liked us), follow us on Twitter, or follow us on Instagram. 

Easy-peasy. And for the pleasure of chatting to us, you get to give us your really valuable pictures, which we will print on the best Picasso canvas, box in seriously good wood, and give it to you. Two of them. Like I said.

And then sit back and watch this space – it’s gonna be good.

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